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Internet Date Bait Scam Draws Lawsuits (NewsFactor)
Although many online daters have grumbled about the "fraud" of prospective lovebirds not matching their pictures, two individuals have a much more significant beef.
Dating, Personals, and Fun Have Come Together in One Web Site (PR Web)
An introduction to a web dating site that has started a new trend. For the first time, online dating is combined with new community driven fun and activities.
Yahoo! dating site has security issues (
Personals not keeping members' info private...
The not-so-rose-colored world of online dating (Ars Technica)
Belarus is all about human rights . To prove it, they've recently passed some legislation to halt human trafficking in the country, which sounds like an excellent idea. How are they going to do it, you ask?
Blind dating gets back in the game ( via Yahoo! News)
Friends don't let friends date guys like Spank Me Frank, who took a gander at Ashley Nichols' derrière during their first and only rendezvous and declared, "I want to spank it later."
A New Online Hassle Free Dating Personals Site (PR Web)
The information below is a detailed research performed on traditional online dating sites. And also an introduction of a non-traditional dating site and what it has to offer.
Just ask Cat: Internet dates still not a good call (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
DEAR CAT: You have it backward. You wrote that Internet dating encourages duplicity, but in my experience people are more likely to 'show up' when they just have to log in to a chat. They talk more openly because there are no distractions.
Share Results Quests for the Best Online Dating Affiliates for Quest Personals (PR Web)
Share Results introduces Quest Personals to the Share Results Affiliate Network. Now affiliates can start earning up to 50% commission on memberships by introducing a new dating service to their Internet audience.
Yahoo to plug security hole in dating site (CNET)
Fix comes after security expert finds clues in online profiles that could let intruders reset passwords.